Bulk email question

  • 31 January 2024
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While sending a bulk email, I noticed some of the email addresses were no the ones I wanted to use.  I deleted those people from the bulk email list, and then used the “+” at the top right of the page to add the people back in and was given a drop down list of all available email address for each particular person.  I picked the email address I wanted to use, and then when I sent the bulk email some of the addresses reverted back to the address I was trying to avoid.  Support told me that it would automatically use the first email address listed in their information, but that doesn’t seem to be accurate.  My main question is why does it offer me the “+” option to add new names, let me pick the email address I want for the people I added, then revert back to the original information when I send the bulk email?


0 replies

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