6 quick tips for managing and maintaining your data in Copper 🪄

  • 28 July 2022
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6 quick tips for managing and maintaining your data in Copper 🪄
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Good data hygiene is key to getting the most out of Copper, but many organizations often struggle with this practice. 

That’s why we sat down with our VP of Revenue Operations, Wyndham Hudson, to get his insights on how to best manage and maintain your data in Copper — especially since we use Copper too!

In a recent blog article, we chat about the four main types of data in Copper: 

👉 Identity data - anything related to a contact’s identity or record

👉 Descriptive data - specific segment insights

👉 Qualitative data - more subjective information and typically comes from surveying your customers

👉 Quantitative data - your measurable and objective data


All four of these serve a different purpose for your organization, but one thing is the same for all of them: You must take consistent and proactive measures to keep your data clean. 

“Unfortunately, it’s not ever going to be perfect because you’re trying to keep up with a world that’s constantly changing,” says Wyndham. “But you can do a few things that will help you keep it as clean as possible.”


Let’s dive into his 6 tips for keeping your Copper data and reporting clean: 

  1. How to save time and improve accuracy with dropdowns versus checkboxes

  2. How to keep data processing simple with dropdowns versus multi-selects

  3. How to use text fields to prevent large amounts of text from slowing down your analysis

  4. How to use connect fields to better keep track of your related contacts

  5. How to use page layouts to empower your team for better data collection and cleanliness 

  6. Exploring resources available in Community for unique data use-cases


👉 Read the full article here 👈


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