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  • 20 September 2021
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Copper playbook
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Hello and welcome to Copper! 🥳

We’ve created a Playbook that will walk you through the setup process end-to-end. It serves not only as a guide but also as a workbook where you can track your Copper use case, your customizations, and any changes or trainings for your current and future Copper users.


:point_right: Download the Copper Playbook! :point_left:


Let’s take a look at each tab within the Playbook.


Onboarding Index

  • This a simple cheat sheet with all of the steps it potentially takes to configure your Copper account.
  • It will show you what to do in each phase along with clickable links for additional help and information. 
  • You can also use this tab to track your progress and assign team members to complete. 

Your Customer Journey

  • The tab “Your Customer Journey” is a template which allows you to visualize the steps your customer journey.
  • Once outlined, the Customer Journey will serve as a guide for your Copper setup, each step from Contact to Opportunity Won should be outlined.
  • “Customer Journey Steps” are the key steps from identifying new contacts to creating and closing opportunities. “What is happening?” are the actions that your team is taking during each Customer Journey step.
  • For example during “Step 2: Qualifying Contacts”, the associated actions under “What is happening?” may include: scheduling a qualification call or conducting customer research.

Record Definitions

  • This is where you’ll find definitions for each record type in Copper, and have the ability to define what each record type means for your organization.
  • For example, what kind of relationships will you track in the Leads section vs the People section?

Field Requirements

  • This tab identifies the different fields available in each record type. For example, Phone Number is a field that is available on Leads and People.
  • Default fields are marked in grey.
  • Here you can also identify and add any custom fields you will add.
  • You’ll also define your Contact Types, Activity Types, and Sources.


Pipeline Requirements

  • Pipelines are used for managing any linear repeatable process, such as a sales process.
  • In this tab, we show our default pipelines here - edit them to suite your organization’s needs.
  • You can also add more pipelines to track multiple processes.

Documenting your Standard Operating Procedures

  • The tab “Documenting your SOPs”, is a template where you can define your Copper procedures that align to your Customer Journey steps, this will provide your users with a detailed guide for working in Copper.
  • “Steps in Copper” is the action taking place in Copper. For example, winning an opportunity.
  • “Copper Best Practices” is where to list the Copper procedures you would like your users to follow. For example, here you can outline specific fields that should be updated as an opportunity is won.
  • “External Processes” is where to list any procedures that take place outside of Copper for that step.


We are excited to have you on board! 


Feel free to comment below with any questions about the Playbook or to post in our forums if you have a question for the Copper team. We’re here to help you succeed!

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