Start your day with Copper’s new dashboard 👀

Start your day with Copper’s new dashboard 👀

Introducing Copper’s new central dashboard … Grab your coffee ☕ and get ready to start your day off on the right foot. With all your critical activities and reminders available at a glance, you can visit your dashboard anytime for suggested follow-ups and action items — so you never miss a beat 🥁



Here’s what you can expect to find in this new, simplified dashboard: 

  • An overview of your open tasks so you know exactly where to get started 
  • A quick glance at your calendar for the day
  • A list of recently contacted people so you can pick up right where you left off
  • The ability to view and switch between People, Companies, Opportunities, Projects and Tasks you’re following 
  • An overview of your pipelines and open opportunities
  • A summarized view of activities happening in Copper related to your important relationships

Where do I find my dashboard? 

Starting today, you’ll be able to access your dashboard from the top of the main navigation panel on the left-hand side of the Copper app. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature 💕

📌 *Some customers may enjoy a slightly different dashboard experience based on previous customizations. Please reach out to support via our in-app chat with any questions.

The team at Copper


Hi Melanie!

Was excited to see this happening. A bit confused though, it looks identical to what it was before 🤔 what exactly is even different about it? Feel like I'm missing something here 😅

Hi @alex

Thanks for your question. The new dashboard is a simplified version of our original dashboard you may have seen in the past. If your account has the original dashboard, you may not see the change. 

The simplified dashboard has only two tabs, “Today” and “Activity”, while the original dashboard had more robust options. 

I hope this helps answer your question. 


The dashboard has potential to be great, it would be awesome if you could create custom modules to see whats specifically important to your business

@Kevin Thanks for your feedback, I’ve shared it with the product team 🙂