Pipeline board view gets a glow up: check out the new look and feel 👀

Pipeline board view gets a glow up: check out the new look and feel 👀

Hey Coppernauts, today we’ve begun rolling out a clean and fresh update to our Pipelines! We’re introducing an all new look and feel for a more unified and user-friendly experience, paving the way for exciting features to come.

We've upgraded your Pipelines experience by:

  • Unifying your workflow with a seamless flow between board and list views: stay in your flow no matter how you choose to visualize your projects.
  • Providing quick access to saved lists: your saved filtered lists will now appear on the Pipeline board view so you can efficiently access your most important deals and projects.


  • Introducing an updated board view status bar and visuals on cards: instantly understand progress with an all new status indicator on an opportunity, project or item card within a board view whether it’s Won/Lost/Abandoned or  Open/Won’t do/On hold/Done —  no need to leave the board view. 


This update goes beyond aesthetics. We've also improved the discoverability of features and overall usability by allowing you to: 

  • Open any record directly from the board view: no need to switch between views for a quick update.
  • Follow your train of thought without losing your place in your workflow: explore every detail of your opportunity (related people, files, tasks and notes) directly within the board view, eliminating the need to switch between screens. 

But, that’s not all… This update also introduces some powerful features designed to enhance Pipeline management for both revenue and non-revenue tracking processes: 

  • Focus on what matters most: revamped card view delivers a clean and organized layout with improved readability and interactions allowing you to quickly grasp key information.
  • New Tooltips offer instant insights: new tooltips appear when you hover over fields, providing helpful context.

Board view statuses:

  • Faster decision-making: you will now be able to view and edit the status of the associated record whether it’s Won, Lost or Abandoned without leaving the board view. 



Coming this summer:

Hold on to your hats, Coppernauts! This update sets the stage for some awesome new features coming soon that we know you’ve been anxiously waiting for. We’re about to launch a wave of features designed to turn your Pipelines into a productivity powerhouse. Get ready to experience:

  • Effortless task management: manage tasks directly in Pipelines with in-line edit, create & edit task flows, displayed due dates and more….


  • Actionable insights: prepare to be wowed by slipping and top deal insights, allowing you to identify opportunities are at risk and capitalize on hot leads.



Believe it or not, that’s not all! Stay tuned this summer as the whole Pipelines refresh rolls out. ✨

Oh yeah, as a little PSA: current customers will temporarily be able to switch back and forth between the new and old board view experience as we deliver additional updates to Pipelines.

We're confident this refresh will make your Pipelines experience smoother and faster! We’re talking streamlining your workflow to feel effortless, boosting your speed with faster-than-ever interactions and wrapping it all in a stunning new user interface that will make you want to shout from the rooftops (or at least your desk chair). Get ready to experience Pipelines like never before! Let us know which feature you are most excited about!

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below ⬇️


This looks great! When will it be rolled out? Will we be able to show custom fields on the cards?

When is this being rolled out? I’m not seeing it in my account. 



Hi @kyla.oneill and @Sarah M,

It’s rolling out over the next few days - but @Andrew from Copper has just enabled it for both of your companies right now 🥳 

Please refresh Copper and you should see this button on Pipelines to switch to the new experience:



Maggie at Copper 


@kyla.oneill As Amie alluded to in her post, we have lots of new features coming to Pipelines… including showing custom fields on cards 👏

This release paves the way for all the fun new things we’re rolling out this summer. Stay tuned!

Hi @Maggie from Copper thanks for the reply and for having @Andrew from Copper set this up on my account. 

I love the ability to save/see the filters, but I’m struggling a little bit with a few things, especially how wide the columns now are. I can zoom out and get more columns in, but don’t want to have to keep resetting the zoom everytime I go into Copper. Is there a way to set the column widths as a default so I see more of my pipeline?

And I know more features are going to roll out, but for now I’ll be using the old view because I LOVE seeing my tasks on the pipeline and the new view will not (yet) let me see them. Not sure why the write up makes it seem like this is not accessible from the pipeline now as it totally is using the little + in the upper right corner of each card. 

I also hope that when you add more detail to the cards it won’t mean that I see fewer cards on my screen (similar to the fewer columns). 

I hope the old view stays available. . .but I’ll defer judgement until the whole thing is finished. 

@Sarah M Hey Sarah, thanks for the feedback.  We will be adjusting the sizing of the board view columns and cards in a future release shortly as we agree, they are a tad too big right now.

Regarding tasks, yes, you’re absolutely correct and being able to see and use tasks directly off the cards will be supported in the next major Board View Release.

The more fields you add will increase the height of the cards, however with the resizing you should be satisfied with the number of cards you see at a time.

This current release is more of am early look teaser and opportunity to get feedback from customers like you, hence the opt-in to, so feedback like this is critical and super helpful.  Thank you again for sharing!

@Andrew from Copper thanks for your reply. I’ll take a deeper look and continue to follow the roll-out!

Looking good!

Is it correct that the due/overdue tasks are not yet visible in the board view? Additionally, what is meant by the green dollar sign and the yellow arrow down sign, I cannot see these in my own board?

By the way, only when you click on the owner icon does their profile picture appear; otherwise, it is just their first name initial.

Looking forward to the upcoming releases!

Appreciate the update on pipelines! 

Can you confirm whether there is a way to manually sort deals/projects within a stage/column inside this update? For example; drag deals/projects up and down within one column similar to Trello for example. Previously everything is sorted by an automatic sorting function based on the task date, name etc. 

Secondly is there an update on the timeline regarding the "Work Spaces" feature (visual task board to consolidate all tasks) which was "Next" on your 2024 roadmap?

Look forward to the response!

Hey @JesperCCmath, yes, you are correct - Pipeline Card Tasks are not yet visible in the New Board View.  That will be in our next release sometime in July.  And thank you for catching that bug - we’ll address that one as well!

@Funsho Currently there isn’t a way to support a manual sorting of deals/projects within a column, nor is that on the roadmap for New Board Views.  We’re looking into supporting manual sorting of records in Lists/Board Views generally in the future, but will first support this with the Task record type when viewing Tasks related to an Opportunity or Project as part of the “Workspaces” initiative.  That will start later this year.


Thanks again for the feedback, and please continue to be forthcoming with any comments, bug reports, or questions!

Looks good, but where is the Description field to be added as an option to the card? 
I used this to put customer information I can see at a glance.

This looks great! When will it be rolled out? Will we be able to show custom fields on the cards?

a must

Still waiting on the Email automation for Pipeline Opportunities.

Hi there @Tracey , we’ll be introducing that field in the update that includes Extended Standard and Custom Field support on Cards.  It’s currently not in the New Board Release this month, but will come in the next couple weeks.

@Trackgood Hi there, we’re currently working on New Board View Custom Fields on Cards, as well as Email Automation for Pipeline Opportunities, so stay tuned!