Introducing the new Copper and Mailchimp 2-way integration 🥳

Introducing the new Copper and Mailchimp 2-way integration 🥳

Our updated Copper and Mailchimp integration is here! Brb, while we do a happy dance 💃

The new super-smooth 2-way sync integration includes standard and custom field mapping, tag syncing and engagement metrics to supercharge your email game. This upgrade means both Copper and Mailchimp databases are always current — no email or lead is left behind 🙌


Automatically update Copper and Mailchimp with 2-way sync


The new 2-way functionality allows you to do more than ever with Copper and Mailchimp:


👉 Automatically add or remove contacts in both Copper and Mailchimp

Keep your entire customer base up-to-date in each system with automated sync. People and Leads from Copper will push to Mailchimp audiences, and vice versa. The sync triggers on creating and updating records in either platform. 


👉 Segment smarter with automatic syncing of fields and tags

Level up your personalization by bringing in the right customer details through 1:1 sync of fields and tags between Copper and Mailchimp. 


👉 Access the full picture of audience engagement, all in one place

View audience campaign performance and engagement directly in Copper — no need to switch tabs to view analytics in Mailchimp.


How do I get the new integration? 

The new integration is native to Copper. You’ll find it under Settings > Integrations > Integrations. Once there, locate the “Mailchimp” integration tile and hit ‘Connect’. Read the full instructions here or watch the how-to video below!



What happens if I'm using the previous Copper and Mailchimp integration? 

The previous version of Copper’s Mailchimp integration (Legacy Mailchimp) will continue to work until the end of the year. We suggest you switch to the latest version as soon as you can to take advantage of all the new features 🙂


Happy emailing! 💌

The team at Copper



Jumping on this thread. I am REALLY excited about the 2 way sync and am finally getting around to implementing it. While the idea of an auto-sync from Copper to Mailchimp for all of our People records is wicked cool, it will eventually force us into a higher Mailchimp contact count bracket. I would like to request the ability to disable this feature in settings. A simple on or off. Would be a quick fix while the Copper team works out a long-term solution.


Thanks for putting out a great product and listening to our many requests and varied needs!


@cae787  glad you’re excited! The Product team is investigating some of the features mentioned in this thread.

In terms of an on/off button - we already have that! 🙌 Actually, we have two options for turning “off” a sync:

  • Pause - like it implies, it stops the sync but retains the sync settings you have so that you can easily turn it back on in the future.
  • Reset - this completely wipes out any existing syncs and field mappings. So this is more for starting over.

So, if you want to sync contacts in batches, you could:

  1. Turn on your sync
  2. Trigger the sync on those contacts by making a change on their records (e.g. adding a Tag, assuming you have Tag sync enabled)
  3. Check that they landed in Mailchimp
  4. Turn off the sync 

Let me know if that addresses the “quick fix” solution you were thinking of!

@Michelle from Copper this makes sense! Thanks for the quick reply!

Bulk Adding To Mailchimp List

The “legacy” integration had the ability to Bulk Add any amount of People→ emails that you checked off to a Mailchimp List. The new “improved” one does not. This was one of the major ways we used this integration. Please add it back in the “improved” version.  The functionality in the image attached was on the old plugin. It needs to be added to the new one.


Hi @mattrep, thanks for the feedback! I saw your other post about it and have converted it into an Idea thread.

As mentioned in the other thread, I’ll make sure your feedback is relayed to the team in charge of the integration.

Hey, all. Just a heads up to be VERY careful if you’re going to do this. If you two-way sync, all your Copper contacts that aren’t currently on your Mailchimp list are going to be subscribed and get the auto-generated “thanks for subscribing” welcome email. 

(Maybe that should have been obvious and it’s almost certainly user error on my part, but I wasn’t clear that all my Copper contacts would be auto subscribed to my mailchimp list.)

Needless to say, that led to lots of people getting emails from me that I did not intend, lots of apologies, and lots of unsubscribes. 😬

I’ve disconnected the Mailchimp integration until there’s much more control about the two-way actions between the two applications. 

@JohnK ah, it sounds like you have an automated welcome email set up for your audience. That’s typically a feature used for audiences who sign up through a web form, landing page, etc.

In your case, you might want to consider:

  1. Turning off that automatic confirmation email. You would do this through your Mailchimp audience settings.
  2. If you need to keep that automatic confirmation email, consider syncing your Copper contacts into a separate audience.
  3. You could also potentially set up conditions on that automatic confirmation email to ignore certain fields/tags/etc.

Let me know if that helps!

@Jennifer Scerbo

Question - what if we we have more people in Copper than in Mailchimp?  Once I sync, will it just sync the existing people that are in Mailchimp that are in our Copper database?  Thank you!

Great question! It wouldn’t sync right away - you will need to do some sort of change on those Copper records to “push” the sync. I recommend turning the Tag sync on and then tagging all your Copper contacts. This will trigger the syncing action. Afterwards you can delete the Tag in Settings > Customize > Manage Tags.

Once that’s done the integration will do the updates on an ongoing basis.

Hi @Michelle from Copper - I’ve done this step that you recommend by adding a specific tag to all the contacts that I want to synch, but the synch doesn’t go all the way through for some reason. If I have 100 contacts that I use this new tag on for Mailchimp sych purposes, only like 83 get synched, and I can’t understand why the rest do not. Also, the bulk synch actions take FOREVER and a day, literally, over a info lost in the cloud somewhere in that process?

Hi @VINIV, I wouldn’t be able to help you with the specifics of your sync - would you mind getting in touch with our support team? You can reach them through the messenger icon in app.

They can look closer at your exact setup and how the data is flowing.

Hi Copper,

Is there a way to go back to the old Mailchimp synch? This two-way sync automation is just not working for us at all, and we would prefer to go back to the old bulk synch option.


@Michelle from Copper The Mailchimp integration is working well for me thanks for all the useful information to set it up. Do I need to set up an integration with custom sync settings for each user on my team that managing Copper and Mailchimp? I had one of my teammembers make some tags in Copper to do a campaign in Mailchimp, but when she went to Mailchimp to send a campaign, that tag wasn’t showing up. I tried it and it worked fine. The only difference in our admin accounts for both apps is that I had done the integration setup and she had not. Am I to understand that if anyone adds a new variable to a contact in Copper (new tag, new type,etc) then that new information will only show up in Mailchimp (for campaign segmentation purposes) if they are users in both apps and have the sync integration added? Thanks!