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  • 5 January 2022
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Hello everyone!

We run a fabrication business and we have designers (People and/or Companies) that have specific requests for unique paperwork each time we complete a project for them.  I’m trying to find a way to use automated workflow to generate a task when that specific person/company is used in a project, it will put a task in that project to remind us to send that paperwork.  Unfortunately, it’s a smaller pool so making it work for all projects isn’t really an option.  

If anyone has an idea how to do this or even another route we can take, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

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2 replies

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Hi @CoriatCostal

If you add a custom field in the Project that references to the contact (e.g. email address) it is possible to create a workflow with Zapier that can checks the contact or company information for a field that identifies the need for a task. Make sure that you include an ‘already checked’ field in the project to avoid that the workflow is launched each time something changes in your project. is a 100% Google partner and offers custom workflows and integrations as a service and can help you with workflows like this one. 

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Hi @CoriatCostal, thanks for the question! Workflow automations can’t be triggered directly off of related records (like associating a Person to a Project). But if you’re willing to trigger the workflow automation off of a custom dropdown on your project, them I might have a solution for you.

In this example, I added a custom field called “Send paperwork task to” with a dropdown option for each user.


When I select one of the dropdown options, the system creates a task on that project’s board and assigns it to the person named in the dropdown.



This is what the setup for that workflow automation looks like:

Basically, this trigger says: run the workflow automation if the custom field “Send paperwork task to” is populated with “Michelle”

Note, this automation would only run for that one user; you would need to build one workflow automation for each dropdown option.


In the action, we are creating a task. In this example, the Due Date is set to DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),7)  - this sets the task’s due date to 7 days from when the workflow automation was triggered.

If you’re using the project task board, that task will land in the first section of the board.


As @Jaco Koppelaar mentioned, you can use Zapier to create more sophisticated automations. But if the above might work for your use case I suggest you give it a try.


Let me know if that helps!