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I’m trying to create a workflow that scans either opportunities or companies won date/start date and creates a $0 opportunity in a Quarterly Business Review pipeline. The opportunity should be created about 60-90 days since the customer started so the CSMs can manage and complete the QBR. I’m having some trouble formatting this workflow automation - any suggestions? 


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Hi @tegand, thanks for posting! Happy to help with this workflow automation.

It sounds like you have a Sales pipeline and then a separate Quarterly Business Review pipeline. I’m going to set up an example based on that assumption but let me know if I misunderstood!

The example below creates a new opportunity as soon as the sale opportunity closes. The resulting QBR opp will have a close date of 90 days after the sale’s close date.



Here we have a trigger that says: when an Opportunity is in the Sales pipeline and is marked as Won, do the Action below.



The Action’s got a bit more going on, so let’s talk through each item.

Here, we are creating a new Opportunity with some fields filled in.

  • Name: Here, we’re using a formula CONCAT(name,” - QBR”) . This takes the name of the original Sales opportunity and adds “ - QBR” to the end. So if the original sales opportunity was called Copper 18 licenses then the new opportunity will be called Copper 18 licenses - QBR
  • Pipeline: we’re putting it in the Quarterly Business Review pipeline
  • Close Date: this formula DATEADD(close_date,90)  takes the Close Date of the original Opportunity and adds 90 days. So this new opportunity will have a close date 90 days after the original Sales opp closed.
  • Owner: In this example, I’m assigning all these new opps to Michelle Lee. I recommend you assign them to your lead CSM or whoever does the portfolio assignments.


Once you fill in your Trigger and Action, remember to save and turn on your workflow automation!


Let me know if that’s helpful :)

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Hi @tegand, it’s been a while! Let me know if you’ve had a chance to set up that workflow automation. In the meantime, I’m going to mark my original response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily.