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  • 8 September 2021
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I’ve been trying to create a workflow automation to send a task to revise the close date of an opportunity when it’s past due. I don’t want the task to be sent if the opportunity is in the “Order received” stage but Copper keeps sending the task for opportunities in that stage. Here’s what I put together: 
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks


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3 replies

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@Stephanie, I noticed that you have same Stage names in different pipelines. Specifically, the “Order Received” Stage also exists in your “Mining” and “Energy” Pipelines. If you chose the Stage from the wrong Pipeline list, it would cause the rule to run for any Stage in the “Other Industries” Pipeline.

To correct this, please update the Trigger step by selecting the Stage from the correct Pipeline sub-list. The below example shows the Pipeline name within the Stage selection list.


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Hi @Kevin from Copper,

Thanks for the tip, I did not noticed this particularity for the stages.

So, even if I have the same stages in different pipelines, I shall repeat the same workflow for each pipelines?

That make sense

Thanks again!:relaxed:


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yes, you may need to create separate rules for your different pipelines, depending on the logic