Workflow Automation, I don't get it.

  • 19 January 2022
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I work for an insurance company, I’m trying to automate some of the mundane task so workflow is easier and faster. It’s a two person company.

Here’s the flow right now - She sends me base quote in drive. Then she messages me that it’s there. I create a quote document for coverages. I send it back to her. She sends this quote to the coverage insurance to see if they are willing to cover. Sometimes they don’t get back to her and she forgets. Driver is waiting and we may loose the opportunity. 

Here’s where I want copper to come into play, I’ve been playing around with the workflow settings but can’t seem to get it down correctly or know the best way to go about this.

She sends me an email and tags it with special tag → that tag triggers a new task for me → I am able to view this task with the email details attached to it in the copper side panel of Gmail. → I complete the task, reply back to the email, and tag the email as another special tag → Tag triggers the former task to be completed → New task is formulated from new tag for her to let her know quote has been finished and she needs to send it out. She sends it out and tags it with 3rd new tag → 2nd task has been marked completed → New reminder created for 2 days after tag was created to check with company → Quote Receieved,

Please help!

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@luve the “tags” on emails is a bit unclear to me. Do you mean a comment on the email within the activity feed? The workflow automation and even the API cannot trigger on comments in the activity feed. 

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