Workflow Automation: count x days after Opportunity closed (Won, Lost or Abandoned) for specific people (Tag:Vip) and create task

Hi Everyone, 

I’m looking to identify a few contacts with a tag (example: Vip) AND if last opportunity closed (won, lost or abandoned) is above 42 days (from last opportunity closed) , create an automatic follow up task for a team. Is this possible? 



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Hi @cat_admin, thanks for posting! Happy to help with this workflow automation.

There are a couple of aspects that I want to point out:

  1. You mentioned a combination of a Tag on a contact and the Status and Close Date on an Opportunity. Unfortunately, workflow automation can only be triggered based on one record at a time. So it can take a look at fields on People or on Opportunities, but not both.
  2. If we’re using a Tag as a trigger criteria, we won’t be able to create the task on the 42nd day past the close date. However, we can create the Task immediate and have it due 42 days later.
  3. You also mentioned creating a follow-up Task for a team. You won’t be able to assign a single Task to multiple users, but you can create one Task for each user. Or just one Task that does to the Owner of the Opportunity/Person.

So bearing those limitations in mind, your team would have to tag the Opportunity, not the Person. And the resulting Task would be created right away with a due date of 42 days later. And that Task would be assigned to one specific user, not a group of users.

If that’s workable for you then you can take a look at the workflow automation Trigger and Action below!

 Notice how Status is set to Not equals Open! This means Won, Lost, or Abandoned will fit the bill here. I chose to do it that way because it only takes up one line, instead of three lines for Equals  Won, Equals Lost, and Equals Abandoned.

Notice our three formulas:

  • Name - Use a Formula - CONCAT(name,”-post-close followup”) : this takes the name of the Opportunity and adds “-post-close followup” to the end. 
  • Owner - Use a Formula - assignee_id : this takes the Owner of the Opportunity and makes them the Owner of the Task
  • Due Date - Use a Formula - DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),42) : this takes the current date and adds 42.

Remember to save and turn on your workflow automation rule!


Hope that helps! By the way, we run a weekly workflow automation Q&A if you ever wanna talk live about it!

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@cat_admin let me know your thoughts on what I wrote before. In the meantime, I’m going to mark it as Best Answer so that others can find it easily. Thanks cat admin! 🙂