Workflow Automation - Automatically move to next stage based on a date

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi all,

We created a “Licensing Renewal” pipeline for our clients who must renew their business licenses once a year. We have a custom field in each of those client’s records “Renewal Date”. I’d like to set up a workflow automation to automatically move that record to a certain stage in the pipeline if the “Renewal Date” is equal to 90 days from today.

The affect of this automation is that the owner of the record will receive an email informing them that the stage has change, which will be a reminder that they have 90 days to complete the renewal. 


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5 replies

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Hi @AndyInc., thanks for posting! I really appreciate all the details you’ve included, that’s very helpful.

As for that workflow automation, it is possible to do what you’re asking but only based on the Close Date. So, I would ask: is it possible for your team to fill the the Close Date with the renewal date, instead of having a separate Renewal Date field?

If that’s workable, this is the workflow automation I recommend:

  • It’s essential to select “Check Once a Day” for this trigger
  • For Stage, I used “Active Subscription” for the stage that comes before the 90-day renewal period
  • For Close Date, that formula takes today’s date and adds 90 days.


  • This moves the opportunity into the Stage called “Renewal in <90 Days”


  • This creates a Task for whoever owns the opportunity. The Task will be called “Renewal due in 90 days” and will be attached to the opportunity. There will also be a reminder at 10 days before the renewal date.
  • When the Task is created, the owner will receive an email about it (assuming they have not disabled those email notifications)


Let me know if this helps!

Thank you so much! I’m going to test this and talk it over with the team about utilizing the Close Date instead of renewal date. 



@Michelle from Copper Your formula seems to work with our custom “Renewal Date” just as well as using the “Close Date”, I’ve tested it both ways. I’m just curious if there is a problem using the Renewal Date instead of the closed date? Instead of “Check once a day” I have it set to “When the field is updated” just so I can test it, but I’ll set up some tests to go on their own tomorrow.



@Michelle from Copper I think I just answered my own questions. If the setting is “Check Once per day” then you don’t have the option to use my custom field. I wish that could be used, it opens up a lot of opportunities.

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Hi @AndyInc., that’s exactly right - you can’t use a custom field as a trigger condition with “Check once a day.” We do have an open Idea about it - if you put an upvote on that thread we will notify you if that feature gets developed.

Ideally, your team would be ok with using the Close Date to store the renewal date so that we can “Check once a day” to automate as much as possible.

If you can’t use Close Date, then the closest we can get is to automatically create Tasks when the Renewal Date is filled in. Those Tasks would act as reminders for your reps to manually move the opportunities, and have a Due Date for 90 days before the Renewal Date.