Workflow automation- abandoning opportunities after x days

  • 10 August 2022
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Hi all, 

I’m looking to set up an automation for opportunities who are in a single stage to get automatically abandoned after 10 days of being created. 

I am struggling to reach the Copper Support Centre as my help bubble has disappeared, does anyone have any idea how to set this automation up/ the formula?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you, 



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2 replies

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Hi @patrycjad, thanks for posting! Happy to help help you with the workflow automation. However, can I suggest a small variation on what you are asking? You mentioned abandoning the Opp 10 days after it is created. I recommend you set it to abandon after 10 inactive days instead. This way, you can avoid accidentally abandoning an Opp that you are still working on.

Here’s what the trigger and action would look like:

This trigger says: every day, check if there are any Opps in the Sales Pipeline, that are also in the Pitch & Demo stage of that Pipeline, and have 10 inactive days. If an Opp meets all those criteria, do the Action:

The Action says: take that Opp that the system detected and change its Status to Abandoned.



You can also consider adding a second Action. Here is an example where we are creating a Task for the Opportunity owner to notify them that the Opp has been abandoned.


Let me know your thoughts! Thanks Patrycja!

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Hi @patrycjad, just wanted to check if you had any questions about this? In the meantime I’m going to mark my original response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily.