Why doesn't win % automatically go to 0% when an opportunity is lost?

  • 17 November 2021
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Copper is the only CRM system that I’ve used that doesn’t automatically change the win % to 0% when an opportunity is marked lost. When an opportunity is lost but the sales person forgets to manually change the win % to zero, it still shows in our forecast. It’s very frustrating. Are there plans to fix this?

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Hi @nicoleleynor, thanks for your question! You mentioned your forecast - is that being generated through the Copper reporting system or outside of Copper (e.g. in a spreadsheet)?

You’re right that the win percentage doesn’t change by default when you update the status to Lost. But, you can build this function using workflow automation. I made a little video tutorial for you. I’ll fix up the format and do a full writeup in a separate article, but I wanted to get this to you asap so here it is first.