What is the best way to auto send emails from changes in Copper?


When updating a field in a profile, I’d like a pre-existing email template sent to the contact on the profile.

E.g. Change Contact Type from ‘Lead’ to ‘Customer’ = ‘Welcome Email Template’ sent .

Is this something that is possible to achieve now, if so - how? And if not, is there anything on the road map for the implementation of this?




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Hi @Edward Nash, thanks for posting! That’s a great question.

If you want it to happen fully automatically through Copper, that can be done using our Email Sequences feature. Basically, you would set up a Sequence that says: as soon as a Person’s Contact Type changes to “Customer”, send them this email (or a series of emails). Note, the Email Sequences feature is only available in our Business Tier.

If you don’t have access to Business Tier, you won’t be able to automate the email fully through Copper, but you can create automatic Tasks to remind yourself and your team to send the email. You would do this through Workflow Automation. I’ll put more details on that at the bottom.

Another option is if you are using Mailchimp. Using our Mailchimp integration, you can sync the Contact Type in Copper over to your contacts in Mailchimp. Then in Mailchimp, you can set up a Customer Journey to trigger an email based on that.



Here’s more information on the Workflow Automation to automatically create a reminder Task:

Access Workflow Automation by going to Settings > Automation > Workflow Automation. Then click “Add Workflow.” You can follow this exact setup:

The above Workflow Automation rule says: when a Person’s Contact Type changes to “Current Customer,” create a new Task called “Send welcome email,” make it due in 1 day, and assign it to whoever was assigned to that Person.

Make sure to save and turn on the workflow afterwards!

As mentioned above, this won’t send the email on your behalf; it only creates a Task to remind you to do it.


Let me know if that helps!

That’s really helpful, thank you for the information.


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@Edward Nash glad I could help! Feel free to post any other questions you might have.