want get automate notification or reminder about last follow up or last conversation with the customers

  • 16 August 2022
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Does anyone know how to get notification from copper about the latest communication or inactive customer for specific days from pipeline or leads? Also if anyone already using Slack Integration, is that app helps? 


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Hi @wigop, thanks for posting! I just want to make sure I understand your ask. It sounds like there are two parts:

  1. Getting notified when another user communicates with a certain contact, and
  2. Getting notified when a pipeline opportunity is inactive for a certain number of days

Can you confirm if I got that right?


For #1, we don’t currently have a feature that alerts you if someone has emailed or had a calendar event with a contact. But if you follow a contact, you’ll get notified is someone manually logs a Note, Phone call, or another activity type for that contact.

You can follow a contact by clicking the start icon beside their name.

I don’t have a solution for getting notified about new emails, so if that’s something you’re looking for I recommend posting it as an Idea.


For #2, you can use workflow automation to automatically create a task when something hits a certain number of inactive days. This feature is available on the Professional and Business plans. To set it up, you would go to Settings > Automation > Workflow Automation > Add Workflow.

Here’s what the trigger and action might look like:

This trigger says: every day, check if there are any Opps in the Sales Pipeline, that are also in the Pitch & Demo stage of that Pipeline, and have 10 inactive days. If an Opp meets all those criteria, do the Action:

The Action says: create a task for the Opportunity owner.



Let me know if that helps!

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Hi @wigop, just wanted to check if you’ve had a chance to review my suggestions. Let me know if you have any questions about them! In the meantime, I’m going to mark my previous response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily.