Trigger on updated field doesn't work if the value is set by a workflow

  • 10 August 2021
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I created a workflow to create a task when a checkbox is selected in an opportunity. 

This works if I check the field manually. But if I update the checkbox from a workflow, the workflow is not kicked off. Is this conclusion correct and works as designed?  



Best answer by Kevin from Copper 10 August 2021, 17:04

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3 replies

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@Jaco Koppelaar you are correct that this is by design. Workflows will not trigger off changes made by another workflow rule. This was put in place as to prevent infinite loops.

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@Kevin from Copper Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully this will change overtime as this prevents a modular setup of workflow. A fast solution could be to go for examplemax 5 levels and then break off the workflow. Another thing what would be required then is to have a log available for customers where you can see what workflows, kicked off and what they did and if they canceled the error message.

I guess that Copper has this already for debugging purposes but it would be good to have it available for customers. 

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@Jaco Koppelaar Your suggestion about a max number is quite interesting. If you think it’s important, feel free to post it in our Ideas section for the product team to see.

Also - I marked Kevin’s reply as Best Answer for search-ability reasons. :)