Tracking Emails through Outloook

  • 8 August 2022
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We have a Gmail based email address. However some of our users still prefer to use their Outlook inbox. Is there a way for Copper to track emails that are sent from the Outlook inbox platform? 


Best answer by alex 8 August 2022, 19:04

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This wouldn't be possible, Copper only integrates to that level with the Gmail web app.

Their best bet would be to send emails from within Copper (as tracking is enabled) or to use the Gmail web app with the Copper extension enabled.

Alternatively, try finding some type of mail tracking extension for Outlook, though it wouldn't flow into Copper.

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Hi @TL1074, thanks for posting! What @alex said is correct; Copper can only do email tracking if you send that email through the Copper web app or through Gmail with the Chrome extension installed.

Just to make sure we are all on the same page, by “tracking” we mean detecting if someone has opened an email. Sometimes this gets mixed up with “syncing,” which is whether an email gets recorded in Copper. In your colleagues’ scenario, they cannot track emails but their emails can (and should!) be synced into Copper automatically since they originate from Gmail.