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  • 16 March 2022
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I am beginning to use Tasks in Copper.  In my view, the only option for a task is open or complete.  How can I have the option of in-progress?  Is there an option to customize the task for in-progress, then complete?  Binary choices limit the use of tasks

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3 replies

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Hi @DavidNK, great question! If you’re looking at individual Tasks, the only statuses are Open and Completed. If you’re interested in having the product team look at your suggestion for more choices, I recommend submitting that as an Idea.

Now, that statement above applies to standalone Tasks. But, you also have the option of using Projects to organize Tasks. Each Project has a board with customizable sections - see the screenshot below.

To give it a try, open up Projects in Copper - it’s the briefcase icon in the purple sidebar.

Let me know if that’s helpful :slight_smile:

I have used projects, but have not added tasks to the projects.  I will review your options.  What is the process for submitting requests for enhancements to the product team?


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@DavidNK There’s another option I forgot to mention - you can add your own custom dropdown to your Tasks. That way you can choose exactly what your dropdown options are and also filter on them.

Just note that this would in addition to the default Status field.

Below I have an example of a custom field for “Task status” with an option for “In progress.”

In this example, I’ve filtered my Task list to show only “In progress” Tasks.

To build this custom field, go to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > Tasks > Create Field.



As for submitting an Idea to the product team, you simply create a new topic and select “Idea” as the type. Or you can just click here:slight_smile:

Once the Idea is submitted, it gets forwarded to the team for future consideration. We will post any updates as a reply and we @mention the users who created the Idea, commented on it, or upvoted it.