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  • 5 January 2022
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We currently use slack for keeping track of our deals and Copper to manage our opportunities. Once a lead(aka slack channel) becomes qualified we then manually add it to copper opportunities. Is there a way to make specific channels in Slack populate in Copper opportunities? 

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2 replies

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Hi Ben, 

Good question and the answer is YES. You can use Zapier to capture the Slack channel and then push it into Copper. Information can be found at the Zapier website. is specialized in custom integrations around Copper and can help you to setup your workflow automations using Zapier. Leave us a note here if you want to learn more. 

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Hi @BenTabro, that’s a great question! I want to make sure I understand correctly - it sounds like you create a Slack channel for each new prospect at the very beginning of the sales process. Is that correct?

Then at some point, your prospect becomes qualified and you turn that into an opportunity within Copper. Right now you are doing this manually, but you are looking for a way to automatically take the name of a slack channel and use it to create an opportunity?

Let me know if I understood correctly!


As @Jaco Koppelaar, you can use Zapier to automate these sorts of actions between Slack and Copper. Basically, you can tell Zapier to create a new opportunity in Copper each time something happens in Slack. Here are some that might fit your use case:

  • When a new Slack channel is created, create a new opportunity in Copper
  • When someone clicks the “Push to Zapier” button on a message in Slack, create a new opportunity in Copper
  • When someone adds a specific emoji to a message in Slack, create a new opportunity in Copper

Exactly how you might set this up depends on your use case and details. For example, when exactly should an opportunity be created? I’m happy to provide more guidance, or as Jaco mentioned there are service providers who can help you if you prefer to outsource the work.

I’lll note that Zapier is a separate platform from Copper with its own subscription fee, although you might be able to use their free tier if you have fewer than 100 actions (i.e. created opps in your case) per month.

Let me know if I understood correctly and if you’d like any further guidance!