QUESTION: Is it Possible to automate individual email sending through Copper? If so, how?

  • 1 November 2022
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Let’s you’ve created a stage in your pipeline, and what you want Copper to do is to send an email to the contact attached to that stage through automation.

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So this is where things get a bit messy, because you need to determine if these emails can pass as transactional vs marketing emails (the latter requires an "unsubscribe" link to be sent).


We specifically built a custom tool for Copper to enable transaction emails to be sent and tracked within Copper upon stage change. Even with the ability to delay sending and auto-moving to a latter stage upon email being sent:


I'd be surprised if Copper built this functionality, because then they'd also have to be arbiters of whether what you're sending is transactional or not (if it's not, you can get your sending domain in loads of trouble, getting it blacklisted and marked as spam). The average Copper user wouldn't realize this and it would do more damage long-term, and it wouldn't make sense for people to blame Copper for this.


So for now at least, it seems that using a custom solution is one of the main options available.


If you're trying to send marketing emails on stage change though, that's a different ballgame. You'd want to use a mass-emailing tool like MailChimp and then build an automation to add it to a list upon stage change, but your open rate and deliverability will be way lower than going the transaction path (more personalized). So it depends on the specific process you're trying to optimize. The blog post linked above (transactional vs marketing) goes into more detail about this though.


Hope this helps!