Prepaid revenue workflow calculation

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi. In my opportunities, I am trying to multiply two values: a per transaction price x a quantity of prepaid transactions, to calculate the total prepaid dollar amount of a deal. I used the commission workflow as a starting point, but I’m getting an error. The workflow formula is below:


Pilot/Yr1 Annual Min Fee - change to - Use a Formula - IF(ISBLANK(prepaid_active_customer_fee), 0, (prepaid_active_customer_fee*pilot_yr1_prepaid_active_payment_customers))


When I save, I get an invalid statement error. Can anyone see what I’m missing?

1 reply

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Hi @glenf, thanks for posting! It looks you like have several custom fields in your formula. When you have a custom field, you’ll need to put cf_ in front of its field key. For example:

  • cf_prepaid_active_customer_fee
  • cf_pilot_yr1_prepaid_active_payment_customers

Try that change and let me know how it goes!