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  • 20 July 2021
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I sell multiple products and each one has a quantity in units and a price per unit, generating a total sold when there is a sale. My customer can buy different quantities of more than one product at different prices. As in the example:

Customer X purchased:
5 units of product A at 2.00 = 10.00
7 units of product B at 3.00 = 21.00
2 product units C at 6.00 = 12.00

I would like to include this information in the opportunities section, but since I can have an infinite number of different products it would be very confusing to create 1 product field with additional quantity, price and total fields for each product. It would be 4 fields x quantity of products, and sometimes I can have 1 product sold and other times 20.

The question: is there a way to use a workflow, some kind of dependency between fields or any other tool to create a new field?

I would have 4 fields for each product sold:
- Product
- Quantity
- Price
- Total

- Product: A
- Quantity: 5
- Price: 2.00
- Total: 10.00
+add a new product

It would be like if I just had to click on the button to add a product and fill in as I sell different products and so on.

I hope I'm not asking for something impossible or that there's already content for (I actually tried to find). Thanks for reading this and for the help!

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Hi Gui!


Thanks for this question and the level of detail you provided as well. 


We cannot use Workflow Automations to create dependancy fields. Currently, the only way to add these items would be on an individual basis which you mentioned would not be ideal given how many products you have. 


Dependancy fields is something that has been asked by some of our customers and I would recommend submitting a post under our ideas area in Community to push this request to our Product team. 





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Hi @Gui, it sounds like this is in line with a feature request we got. If this is something you’d like to see in the future, please visit the Idea post below and give it an upvote! The product team monitors the comments as well so you can also chime in on the conversation.