Mapping for import with CSV

I don’t understand how when I get the template for importing contacts, they do not at all map to what I see in Copper or in the Gmail extension. 

For example, it says “Phone” but not “Work Phone” or “Mobile Phone”

It doesn’t seem to make sense that there would not be consistency.


And none of the options in “Category” relate to my question



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Hi @astertalent, thanks for posting! As I mentioned through DM, I’ll be happy to talk you through it in tomorrow’s Q&A session. But I’ll try to work through as much of your question as I can here as well.

Now, I’ve downloaded a sample template through my demo account, and I’m looking at it now. I do see a discrepancy in the naming of the Details fields (“Details” in the import template and import tool, “Description” in the web app/Chrome extension). However, I’m not seeing the issue for “Phone” vs “Mobile Phone” and “Work Phone” - it’s listed as “Mobile Phone” and “Work Phone” in the import sheet, import tool, and the web app.


Can you clarify where exactly you’re seeing the term “Phone” ? Is it in the Copper web app/Chrome extension? If so, is it possible that you have created a custom field called “Phone” and are looking at that rather than the system-created Work Phone/Mobile Phone?

Correct, when you upload a csv file, it will allow you to map (or skip) a field. Also errors are popped up when there is an error.