Logging activity when I send an email?

  • 15 March 2023
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When I use the Copper platform to send a trackable email, why doesn’t it log an activity as “email”? I’d like to automate the tracking as much as I can - and today I have to send from the platform AND log the activity to show in reporting. 

2 replies

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Hi @mkirkpatrick, thank you for asking your question into the Copper Community!

Copper automatically records all emails sent from your Copper User email address to Copper Contacts, when an email is sent it will be automatically logged into the activity feed, including email details and attachments.

In regards to Reporting, all emails are logged as “Sent Email” activity type in Reporting. There should be no need to create additional activities for emails.


If it looks like your emails are not logging correctly, please reach out to Copper Support via the in-app Chat in your Copper instance. Our support team will respond within minutes to help troubleshoot if you are experiencing a bug.

Thank you!

If you are using the Gmail connector, does Copper log emails sent via Gmail as Activities? 

If not, can it be configured to do so and/or track them another way to allow reporting on the volume of emails sent by each Copper user?