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  • 14 June 2022
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The website link is not formatted correctly and when you click on it it goes to a broken page. 


How to I globally change the format or fix the link?

3 replies

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Hi @RTM123, thanks for posting. To clarify, you’re saying that you have some Leads with a website filled out, but it’s not formatted correctly so it’s bringing you to a broken page?

There’s not a way to “globally” change the format unless you do an export and re-import. But I’m curious as to why this issue is happening in the first place. Do you mind letting me know:

  1. Whether you filled out those links or if they were auto-filled with our data enrichment?
  2. What kind of formatting issue it is?
  3. When you click on the link, does the URL exactly match the website you have on the Lead record?

Thank you for your reply.


  1. Auto Filled when submited to copper
  2. The http:// is not correct and leads to a broken page 
  3. Yes

Also the company name is not correct in each lead.

Will I lose my notes/callback and other info if i reimport?

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Hi @RTM123, thanks for the additional details. I suspect this might be a bug. I see that you’re in contact with Louieddie from our support team. I’ve forwarded those details over to her - she can help you troubleshoot further.

As for this question:

Will I lose my notes/callback and other info if i reimport?

No, as long as you do what we call Update on Import - this simply updates the existing record instead of creating a brand new record. As long as you update the existing record, your associated notes, activities, etc will remain associated.

Here’s more information on how to update existing records via import: