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  • 3 August 2021
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I am interested to know how long it takes my sales team to get in contact with a lead. It would be useful to have a field “First Interaction Date” which will record the date when the first email is sent out.

The customer support team told me this feature is not available. Any workaround?



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Hi @feliperichard ,


Great question!

For individual contacts all emails are recorded and time-dated, so you will be able to see the date of each email including the first interaction by filtering and scrolling through an individual contact’s activity feed.


To compare and understand how long it takes for your sales team to get in contact with a lead as mentioned. I recommend creating a custom date field, you can create this field by navigating to Settings → Customize → Manage Fields On Records → Create Field → In Leads, Create Date Field type. Once created, each Copper user can fill in the custom date when they make the first interaction.


Once the custom First Interaction Date fields are filled out, I recommend including that custom field into your lead list view, along with Copper’s automated Created Date and Last Contacted date. This will provide you a strong understanding of interactions with your leads in the list view.


To customize what fields are filterable in list view, you can customize via the gear icon when in list view, then selecting “Customize Columns”.


Please let me know if this was helpful or if you have any additional questions.