Keep unsubscribe contacts from being added back

with those contacts that want to unsubscribe, how do we record them so that they will no longer be contacted? I can delete them from copper, however if later another colleague adds them back in without knowledge that they have unsubscribed previously, and the colleague contacted the person again, it is a real problem.


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 4 May 2022, 16:38

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Hi @celinenguyen, thanks for posting! Can you tell us more about what “unsubscribe” means in your use case? Are you using a separate email platform that contains an Unsubscribe button? Or are folks simply replying to your emails saying they would not like to receive future emails?

Either way, you can create a custom field to record whether they have unsubscribed or not. Here’s an example where we have a checkbox for “Do Not Contact?”


You should also create a dropdown for “Subscription Status.”

To create this field, go to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > People > Create Field. You’ll get a box to build out your field:

“Type” is where you indicate if it should be a dropdown, checkbox, etc. “Label” is the name of the field.  “Field Key” you can leave blank - that’s used for workflow automations.

After you click Create Field, it’ll bring you to a list of all the fields you have. By default, the one you just created will be at the bottom. But you can re-order them to make it easier to use.


Hope that helps! :)

thanks for your help there Michelle. Question: say, once you had the contact ticked as Do Not Contact, and your team try to send them an email, will the system notify that this contact is a Do Not Contact or stop itself from allowing the email to be sent out? 

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@celinenguyen It would not prevent emails from being sent to that contact. Your team would have to look at the checkbox before sending any correspondence. If you’d like you can post that functionality as an Idea for the product team to look at.

One more thing I’d like to mention - my original reply specified a Checkbox field, but you can also use a Dropdown field. This way you can have more options e.g. “Do Not Contact Ever” or “Contact only about their order” etc. And, it’s a little harder to accidentally change a dropdown than a checkbox. But either will work for this purpose.