Integrate ChatGPT with copper

  • 12 February 2023
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Hello Copper Dev Team,

Can the copper development team help with Chat Bot.

Integrate ChatGPT via API with copper CRM?

This will help semi automate the customer qury and later followups


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What's the flow you're thinking about wanting GPT to be integrated? Something would need to trigger it within Copper.

Here's some inspiration for how were using GPT with Slack and a project manager (Motion):

That said, I can't really understand exactly what you're actually looking for. Copper doesn't allow automating emails to send out, so GPT for email outreach doesn't really make sense. Plus, what would even be the trigger from Copper for that to happen?

I get wanting to have GPT into all the software we use, but being more clear on the use-case (what will trigger it, what it'll do in GPT, and what it will do afterward), is critical in understanding the request.

I genuinely don't see where Copper would leverage something like GPT would make sense, maybe summarizing an activity/note being logged? That stuff could be done, but also not likely on Copper's end, but rather you could do it. There is a cost for every since call to GPT's API, so overdoing it at scale is also costly.