I am stuck on automation



I am trying to create a task.  Specifically I need a reminder sent to me anytime 14 days have gone without contact with a new lead

I found an article on this specifically and have been following it, but the fields under “Action” in the article are different from the fields


Who should I list for Primary Contact?  I tried to put myself, but when I started to type my name, other names came up, but not mine


Who should I put for Last name, first name, title, street, city?  


Help appreciated




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I think I see what I did wrong😀

I still cannot figure out the formula thing

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I’d recommend following this support article… It appears you’re trying to create an opportunity instead of a task as well:

I will check it out, thanks

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@curtbrian just checking to see if you still needed a hand? From a high level, it sounds like your workflow automation rule would say: If Inactive Days = 14 for a Lead, create a Task called “inactive opportunity - 14 days old.”

I’m happy to get you some more specific guidance around this. Just let me know if you still need it!

PS apologies for the longer-than-usual reply - I had some unexpected events last week. But you were in good hands with @alex 🙂