Having difficulty with Automations

  • 18 October 2021
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I am having difficulty getting Workflow Automation to work. My goal is for when a contact is updated with the tag “Buyer”, a deal will be created.


Please advise if I am missing anything.


Thank you,




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Hi @michaelwade, thanks for your post! The screenshots are very helpful.

I noticed a couple of things about your Trigger:

  1. Your first trigger condition (Name) is preventing your automation from running because it’s searching for a Person with a name that is exactly “full_name”. Try removing that trigger condition.
  2. The third trigger condition (Tags) uses the Equals operator - I would switch this to Contains so that the automation will still run if you have other Tags attached to that Person.

Try making those changes to. your Trigger and let me know if that fixes it. Here’s a screenshot for you to follow: