Google Drive Workflows

  • 10 March 2023
  • 2 replies

Is it possible to create a workflow that when an opportunity moves from one stage to another in the pipeline, it auto creates a google drive folder & certain documents?

2 replies

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It sounds like this managed workflow will help you with this requirement.

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Sounds like what @Zuber @ recommended is the more cost effective solution here since this would definitely be a custom integration between Copper + Google Drive.

You can try your hat at Zapier if you want to try and do it yourself:

Though I will say, it's quite a bit more technical to get working than it might seem at first glance. You'd use the Copper trigger of "Opportunity Stage Change" then the action of "Create Google Drive Folder".

Happy to talk through the specific need you have if you have a myriad of things you'd like to automate in Copper, assuming it was a larger integration project.