Decimal monetary values less 1$

Dear Copper Team,


I have a custom currency variable that might be between $0 and $1 (i.e let’s call variable 1 = $0,08).

And I have a second variable which is number. (i.e variable 2 = 1000) 


I’ve noticed that when I try to use them for my workflow automation to (calculate variable 1 *  variable 2) Copper doesn’t calculate final results. It seems it doesn’t work when the currency value is less than 1😥. Could you please check it? It’s important for my reporting.



Best answer by bozyetis 6 June 2022, 23:06

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@bozyetis Hm, I’ll do some testing in my demo account to see if I get the same issue. Hang tight and thank you for your patience!

Hey @Michelle from Copper I’ve talked with customer support and they have confirmed that it’s a bug. They will escalate that to  engineering team for further investigation. However they do not have a specific time frame for the resolution. So I think you don’t need to do anything. Just let you know. ;)

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@bozyetis ah great, thanks for the heads up! I’m going to mark your response as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily. I’m also going to subscribe to our internal bug ticket so that I can update this thread later. Thank you so much!