Creating a New Contact from details within an email

  • 11 April 2022
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I receive leads through a third party -

When the lead comes in, I receive an email from the third party. The email essentially says:
The person below wants to speak to you about how you can help!


Then it lists the prospect’s name, phone #, email address, zip code and the territory they represent to my business, 


I am trying to automate the process of pulling this information and creating the client profile in my CRM - I have already tried Zapier and it’s not getting me the information or the timing that I want within a reasonable budget

2 replies

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Hi @JayJ22 

You are right, it is not straight forward to convert an email into the fields to insert them as structured fields into Copper. You need to build logic to decompose the email text and create the fields. You can do this with Zapier or other tools. But it is time consuming piece of work to implement. Many CRM users have the same problem and each of them receive emails with different layouts and fields to be converted. offers the conversion and ingestion to Copper as a standard service. You can book a free consult to discuss or just send your example email to  

Thanks, Jaco 


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Hi @JayJ22, thanks for posting! Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations beyond Zapier. When you were giving that a try, did you look at using an email parsing tool like Parser by Zapier or

The other option, as @Jaco Koppelaar mentioned, is to get a professional service provider to help you out with this. This can be a huge timesaver since they’re already experts in this area.