create an opportunity from a new lead automatically

  • 24 November 2021
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I am trying to create an opportunity for every new prospect (lead) automatically but it doen’t work when my workflow (for new lead → create an opportunity)

How It could be easier? 


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3 replies

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Hi @sergio, thanks for posting! Happy to help here. It sounds like you’re trying to build a workflow automation that creates a new Opportunity for every new Lead that’s added to the system. Did I get that right?

If that’s the case, here’s an example automation I put together for you.



Notice that there’s a trigger condition for “Name - Not equals - Standard - x” - I included this because every trigger needs at least one trigger condition. In this case, any new Lead that’s added to the system will match the trigger condition because I’m not adding any Leads whose name is “x”.



In the Action, I’ve defined the Name as CONCAT(‘Deal for ‘,name) . This formula takes the name of the Lead and adds “Deal for “ in front of it to create the name of the Opportunity. So if I create a Lead named Michelle Lee, the resulting Opportunity will be called “Deal for Michelle Lee”


Feel free to “copy” this action and trigger into your workflow automation and let me know if it works after you save it and turn it on. Or, if you post some screenshots of your workflow automation I can give you some more specific instructions.


I also want to add that Leads are designed to be a pre-cursor to Opportunities. So usually we do not have a Lead and an Opportunity at the same time. Rather, we’ll enter a Lead first and then convert it into a Person and Opportunity when we decide they’re a good fit to move forward. But every use case is a little bit different. Let me know if you’d like to discuss this piece further!

thank you for your help.


I did like you told me. i would like to know what is the time to become functional the workflow and how can I test it ? (personally, I created a contact in leads but i dont see yet the opportunity automatically)


Thank you again for your help

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Hi @sergio, usually it takes under a minute for it to run. But I took a look at your workflow automation and I can see why it’s not running.

In the workflow automation named “Lead to opportunity” you have this condition in the Action:

Primary contact  -  Equals  -  Formula  -  full_name

Here’s the thing: Primary Contact for an Opportunity needs to be a Person, not a Lead. Here, you are trying to make a Lead the Primary Contact so it’s getting an error.

Try removing that condition from your Action and then see if it runs. Remember to save and turn on the workflow! And then let me know if that works!