Copper Changing/Correcting Dates and Specific Actions

  • 21 December 2022
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We are having a consistent issue in that we will enter specific data or make an action and somehow the action is changed. Here is an example: Recently for new client, we entered the Contract End Date as 12/30/23. When we went back, the date had changed to 12/29/23. We changed it again to 12/30/23 and again it was changed to 12/29/23. 


This is a real issue and it happens frequently. And specifically with any date. How do we fix/stop this from happening?


2 replies

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We've experienced this as well, it has to do with timezones. Any chance you're based in Australia or a country outside of the US? We have some customers where we see this happen more and pretty sure it's because it's often the day before in one time zone versus the other.


So if you change your time zone to say Central or PST, I'm sure it'd fix itself, but that obviously doesn't make sense to do in your account.


They really should be using a string for the date, instead it's a date field and pretty sure it makes it midnight at the date you set, which results in it then looking at the time zone and pushing it a day forward or something.


The big problem here is say you have team members in different time zones, some will see the date as one day, others will see it as the next day 😅 dates really need to be a string tbh, the current behavior doesn't make sense to have this way.

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Hi @Karen J, thanks for posting! @alex is correct that timezone can affect the date fields, especially if you have teammates in different areas. We’re not likely to pinpoint the exact cause through the forum, but I’m happy to put you in touch with our technical support team who can dig deeper than I can. Let me know if you’d like me to do that, or if you prefer to get in touch with them through the in-app chat icon. Thanks Karen!