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  • 22 June 2021
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Hi, I would like to be able to track when the estimated close date of a deal is postponed. 
Is it possible to do so through workflow automation ? 

Like if a close date changes, then calculate the difference of days between the new date and the former one. 


I’m sure there is something possible around this, but I don’t see how to do it !


If anyone can help...

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5 replies

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Hey @Oliver - pretty sure we can come up with a creative solution here :grinning:

You’d need 2 custom fields:

  1. Original Close Date [DATE]
  2. Close Date Extension (Days) [NUMBER]

And you’d need 2 Workflow Automations:

  1. Upon the Close Date being added, mapping out the “original close date” to a separate custom field (Original Close Date).
  2. Check once a day and subtract the close date from the original close date.

Workflow Automation #1:

You’d need this to trigger once the “Close Date” is set, so I have it “after 1/1/2000” and only if the “Original Close Date” is not yet set (NULL)

Workflow Automation #2:

Then use the formula I have here, but you’d subtract the original close date from the current close date:

I’m using “check once a day” and only having it run if the opportunity status = “Open”

It will then calculate the number of days between the “close date” field and the “original close date” field.

Hope that helps you get closer to what you’re looking for! :grinning:

P.S. I haven’t actually tested the above, but in theory it should work, we’ve done tons of subtracting 2 dates for various client automations and this would be something like that.

Thanks @alex !

One question : the formula DAYS doesn’t work, as it says hat my variable originalclosedate is unsupported.

However, this is the field I created Fieldkey I created when creating the Custom field. (see my attachments).

Any clue ? 

Many thanks, it’s much appreciated !

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Hey @Oliver - happy to help!

So when you use a Field Key within Copper's Workflow Automation area, you need to preface it with a "cf_" (minus the quotes), it stands for "custom field".

Give that a try and you should be good to go!

P.S. I did throw this together quickly, so you may need to swap the two dates (I don't remember if the larger date goes first or second). But hopefully this gives you a framework to further explore your ideas!

Thanks so much Alex ! 
it does work indeed. 

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Thanks so much Alex ! 
it does work indeed. 

Ah! So glad to hear! 🎉🎉