Can a Task field copy info from an Opportunity filed?

  • 8 February 2023
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Is there a way to set up the newly created Task to inherit the value one of the custom fields from the Opportunity it is related to? The filed settings includes both Opportunities and Tasks.

A more specific question that I had while trying to solve this: is there a way to set up a formula on workflow automation to update this Task field with its value on the Opportunity?

1 reply

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At the time of task creation of you enable the custom field on the opportunity and task, and then the trigger to create the task is from an opportunity update, then you'd simply map the custom field custom I'd value to the task from the trigger step of the opportunity update. But you can't do it for update a task without using the actual dev API as you'd need to so a lookup of related tasks or store the task ID you want to update on the opportunity.

So it's probably possible, just tough to know the best way and what's needed with your specific scenario without significantly more context.