Automation - Moving an Opportunity in one Pipeline to 'Won' when a new Opportunity is created in another.

  • 1 September 2022
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We have a recruitment pipeline that records interested sign-ups and manages the follow-up email process for our US Coordinator. We have a two separate pipelines that create Opportunities when a prospective student completes an application form, allowing their application process to be managed by our Admissions Coordinator.

I am looking for a recipe for an automation so that when the student applies, and an Admissions Opportunity is created, the Opportunity in the Recruitment Pipeline connected with the same Primary Contact is automatically moved to 'Won’ status.


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Hi @Rob Jones at ASE, thanks for posting!

I want to make sure I understand your setup. Can you confirm that this is correct?

  • You have one pipeline for Recruitment, and another one for Admissions.
  • When you have a prospective student, they go through the Recruitment process. The Recruitment process ends when they submit an application. At that point, you have “Won” that opportunity in the Recruitment pipeline. And now another opportunity is created in the Admissions pipeline, with the end goal of getting an offer out to that student.

If all that is correct, I have a minor suggestion for you. I recommend that you flip the trigger and action so that the rule says: when an opportunity is Won in the Recruitment pipeline, create a new opportunity in the Admissions pipeline.

This is a “backwards” from your original ask of having the new opp in the Admissions pipeline trigger a change in the original opp in the Recruitment pipeline. The reason I recommend flipping is actually due to how our system works: a workflow automation cannot jump to a different record/opportunity, but it can create a new one.

Anyways, if you’re ok with that path then I recommend the setup below.


This trigger says: whenever there’s an opportunity that is in the Recruitment pipeline and is marked as Won, do the Action.
This action says: let’s create a brand new opportunity. The opportunity name will be exactly the same as the opportunity from the Recruitment pipeline. We are gonna put this new opp in the Admissions pipeline, and we are gonna add the same primary contact as the previous app.

Optionally, you can add another Action that also creates a Task.

The Due Date for this task will be the same day the new opp is created. If you want to set it for later, you can replace that formula. E.g. to do one week from today, use the formula DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),7)

& remember to always save and turn on your workflow automations!


Hope that helps!

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Ah, no, that is not quite right.

The issue is that a prospective student does not need to ‘complete’ the Recruitment pipeline before starting an application and, as a result, generating an Opportunity in the Admissions pipeline. Some prospective students don’t even meet with the recruitment team, and therefore don't appear in the recruitment pipeline (but that isn’t a problem as we gather their details when they submit an application).

So, what I am looking for is a way in which these prospective students, who no longer need to interact with the Recruitment team, can be added to the recruitment Pipeline’s ‘won’ opportunities.

The Trigger would be: An Opportunity is created in the Admissions Pipeline.

The Filter is: The Primary Contact matches that for an Opportunity in the Recruitment Pipeline.

The Action is: The Opportunity in the Recruitment Pipeline is moved to ‘Won’ status.

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@Rob Jones at ASE ah, I see, so it’s not quite so linear.

Unfortunately what you’re asking for is not possible with our native workflow automation feature. It’s not able to jump between records to do updates; it can only update the original triggering record, or create a whole new one.

We do have an open Idea for cross-record updates. If you upvote that thread, we can notify you of any updates.

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Thanks Michelle.

I wonder whether pushing it through Zapier would work?


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Hi @Rob Jones at ASE, I took a look at Zapier and was not able to find a way to achieve this particular logic. The issue seems to be that we need to identify opportunities based on who its primary contact is, which is not supported by the “Search for an Opportunity” action.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done - it might be possible through something like a webhook. But it’s beyond the scope of what I’m able to talk you through. If you would like another opinion, I can refer you to a professional services partner who specializes in Zapier and automations. 

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Thanks for that. I had a feeling that would be the case.

I am sure that I can come up with a workaround, but thank you anyway.