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  • 8 August 2022
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Hello Community!

I wanted to ask everyone a question about the platform.

Is there a way to create an automation that says whenever I have a video call with a client (Google Meet on Google Calendar event), it updates the activity log for their contact as "meeting"? Then, I could go into that auto-meeting log and just throw in a few details or even link to my meeting notes.

Let me know your all’s thoughts and if Copper has any solutions for that! Thanks!


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Hi @micah.ketamine, thanks for posting and great question!

If you’ve got your Google Sync set up, the system automatically logs an activity for any “Calendar Event” with a contact. The logged activity includes a list of invitees, the date and time, and the event description.


If you want to add more details to that logged event, you can add a comment to it.

You can also @mention other Copper users.


And if you need to quickly find an event in the activity log, you can filter by “Calendar Events”



Let me know if this addresses your need for auto-creating an activity in the activity log after a meeting. Thanks Micah!