Adding a Person to Company records via Field On

  • 11 September 2022
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Considering Opportunities list both have a contact and company as field on records, and are listed in the Related Section for Opportunities, should it not be possible to add a contact, and/or company to the Company record.

For example, if I create an Opportunity it requires a primary contact as a field on record and has Company as a an optional field on record.

If I create a Company there is no field that I can add a Primary Contact to, and when viewing Companies, you are not able to see “Contacts” in the related section either.


In addition:

Considering the Company is now considered the “Parent” record,

Does it make sense if I update the Company that it then updates child records (related records) to match, or have the option to automate this?

  • Example, - If on the Company record and I change Contact Type from  Potential Client → Active Client
  • this then will trigger the action to update the Contact Type for related Contacts to “Active Client” (matching the Company contact type)
  • Same goes for other Company “field on records beneath” the Company, and updating the same “field on” fields for any records related to the same company

Feels like I have to create a Zap to do the simplest things that are very common and doable natively in many other CRMs by default (required, or as an option, at least its doable from within the CRM), vs. creating Zaps to do these simple easy things,  Feels like your pushing business to Zapier (jk)​​​​


2 replies

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Hi @Hivelocity-Lee

I see different questions in this post: 

  1. Adding Contacts to Companies from Opportunities
  2. Inheritance of Contact Type in People from Companies 

1. Your use case is not completely clear but as there is a hierarchy (Company → People → Opportunity it makes sense to create your company first then connect the Contacts (People) and then create the Opportunity. Creation of People can be done directly from the Company related section (see below). Creation of an Opportunity can be done similarly from both the Company and the People related sections by clicking the ‘+’ icon. 




2. Your second questions requires a bit more context or a use case why you want to inherit this field. I think there are multiple reasons why inheritance is not useful: 

  • If you use Copper for B2C, you might need the field in the People record
  • If you only do B2B business, you might not need the field on the People record at all as you have connected your Opportunities to the Company record (via Person). 

At this moment it is not possible to leave the Contact blank. My suggested use of the Contact Type in B2B situations would be use a custom Contact Type (i.e. N/A, Contact Person or ‘-’ and only use  Potential/Active Customer for Companies or B2C customers that are not connected to a Company. 

Your example of automation could be achieved with a tool like Zapier or If you don’t want to setup and manage automations yourself you can go to who take care of custom automation as a service without you to manage Zaps. 



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@Hivelocity-Lee thanks for posting! It looks like @Jaco Koppelaar has addressed your questions with excellent detail, so I won’t add much more here unless you have additional questions.

Couple of comments from me - 

  • You mentioned Feels like your pushing business to Zapier   - I can understand how you might feel that way 😅 The reality is, we recommend Zapier because it’s something that you can implement immediately, as opposed to hoping and waiting for us to build a full native feature for it.
  • Regarding automatic updates for “child” records, we have an open Idea for cross-record updates via workflow automation. If you update that thread we can inform you of any progress.

Hope that helps :)