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  • 8 August 2022
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Hello Copper Community!


If I need to send out over 100 emails on a monthly basis for a single campaign (we have 3-4), how would be the best way to structure it with Copper automation? 


It’s a daunting task to get out 400+ emails per month on separate pipelines with different templates and all sorts of variables. Just not sure the most efficient way to accomplish this task since I imagine there are a few ways to handle it via Copper. But I want to know which is the most efficient means.


Thanks and look forward to hearing your all’s feedback!

2 replies

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Hi @micah.ketamine, thanks for posting!

Can I ask you how you know who should be receiving which newsletter?

Looks like you are on the Business plan, which means you have access to Sequences. This is a tool that customizes and sends emails automatically based on a tag or a contact type. There are full details here.

From a high level, this is what I recommend:

  1. Filter your contacts or opportunities based on who should receive your newsletter.
  2. Use a bulk edit to apply a tag to all of them.
  3. Set up an email sequence to send to them based on that tag. You can do this by going to Marketing Tools > Sequences > create new sequence. You can set up a sequence that has only one email, or has multiple follow-up emails. For a newsletter I recommend just having a single email in that sequence. In the email composer you’ll see an option for “Personalize” - this allows you to insert information from a contact’s Copper record. You can also send yourself a test email.
  4. Configure the settings and activate the sequence.

Once your sequence is activated, the system will keep that of who has received the email, opened it, etc. And when it’s time to send the next newsletter, you can duplicate the previous one and edit the email content.


Now, that’s the option I recommend for you since you’re on the Business tier of Copper. However, there are a couple of other options:

  1. Send your newsletter through a bulk email. This is when you select multiple contacts and send them all an email at once - up to 200 at a time. The downside to this is you won’t have a report or list of who received it, opened it, etc. And it’s not as customizable - pretty much just plain text and hyperlinks like a plain email you typed up.
  2. Use our Mailchimp integration to send the newsletters. This integration syncs contacts and tags from Copper to Mailchimp. So you can send the newsletter via Mailchimp instead of directly through Copper. There’s more information (and a video) on our integration here.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions or any particular items you’d like to talk through.

Hey @Michelle from Copper!


Thanks for the detailed explanation! I’ve been working on some of this and wanted to circle back on the convo.


I tried the bulk email feature first since it’s the most approachable option and I’ll need to understand how to send them anyway. The problem was that Copper wouldn’t let me insert a custom link into each email from the bulk, so it wasn’t a solution we could proceed with: 


My question now is if I’ll run into the same problem with Mail Chimp and email sequence methods. If so, I’ll need to figure out a different solution.


Thanks for your help thus far!