When do the reports refresh?

I understand that the Copper reports refresh three times a day. I was just wondering at what times do they refresh so I know when to check them?

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Hi @Manisha, thanks for posting! The exact fresh times are different for each account, so unfortunately I can’t give you an exact answer here. However, the refreshes happen at roughly even intervals so you can figure out the rough times using the refresh indicator in the top right corner - that’s the line that says “Up to date as of X hours ago.”

By the way, the refresh actually refresh four times per day now! 🙌 So it’s roughly once per six hours.

Hi Michelle, thanks for your response and help!

I’ve tried working out when the reports refresh based on when it says “Up to date as of X hours ago” in the top right corner. However, sometimes the refresh times don’t seem right.

For example, it may say “Reports are up to date as of -10 hours ago”, then the next hour it says “Reports are up to date as of -9 hours ago” and the next hour it says “Reports are up to date as of -8 hours ago”. Unless it’s refreshing this often during that time period?

My Reports currently says 

“Reports are up to date as of 10 hours ago”


If the reports are updating 6 times a day, there should never be a time that the reports say more than 4 hours… right?


This update has been an issue since you introduced “Reports”


Can you please let me know when this is going to get resolved?

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@Shawn to clarify, it does take time for the system to process the refresh. So the system pulls a batch of data every X* hours, but it takes time for it to fully process it. This is why you may see the refresh indicator showing a larger number of hours than you would otherwise expect

The engineers are actively working on an improvement to the refresh indictor. You will likely hear about it in our Product Updates sometime this fall.


*currently 4 times per day

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@Manisha is the refresh indicator still saying -X hours for you?

Across the board Copper continues to deteriorate with data synching. Making a change in one part of copper, its completely ad hoc when the data appears and reports are nearly unusable for internal sales meetings as we have no idea how fresh the data is.


“Reports are up to date as of 8 hours ago”, I have never seen this indicator not say either 8 or 10 hours ago. Is it even a real indicator? 


Synching pipeline data into a report is realtime functionality with every other CRM I have used (even your legacy reports are realtime!!!). The standard copper support response is to be grateful that we go from twice a day to 6 times a day, but even 10 times a day is pretty unacceptable. When is this going to be realtime? 


I’ve been noticing lately that my reports aren’t even updating over the course of a week or more. For instance, I have a 13 week incoming order estimate report and it stills shows some opportunities that I closed earlier this week or even 1.5 weeks ago (closed 9/22). I’m ok with reports updating every 6 hours but it doesn’t seem like mine are anywhere near that.

And then for our actual orders report, I have 3 opportunities that we won this week (one as early as Monday) that still are not showing up.

We are relying on these reports for forecasting and cash flow estimates so we really need this working.

Happy to send some screenshots with real examples in a private message with someone from Copper.