Using Close Date in Reports

  • 16 March 2023
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Is it possible to use Close Date in Reports?

Specifically, I am trying to see a dynamic view of how many open opportunities are assigned to each owner each month based on the opportunities’ close date. For us, close date is a fixed date when the opportunity will be closed out, so we would like to be able to see a view of our owners’ caseloads each month based on how many opportunities will be open at that time. Is this possible?

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Hi @kyla.oneill , thank you for your question!

Yes, no problem, this can be setup in Reporting. If you need additional reporting support, I recommend attending the weekly drop-in Q&A session, or checking in with Copper in-app chat support.

I’ve included a screenshot of the setup:

1. Add Opp Record Count
1. Add Opp Owner

​​​​​​​2.Add Date Field → Opp Closed At → Month


Thank you!