Seeking Best Practice for Labeling and Reporting Job Categories?

I want to identify job opportunities in Copper by “categories” and be able to build reports about those categories. I have seven top-level categories and often require multiple combinations of those categories for any single opportunity. I also have about twenty sub-categories that I would also like to add to those jobs when more specificity is required.

For example: “Comedy” is a category, and “Comedy - Absurd” is a sub-category.

I want to be able to produce regular visual reports that tell me the frequency of categories requested for job opportunities in relation to other categories and the total job opportunities that are coming in.

For example: 30% of opportunities in the Sales Pipeline are comedy, or, a pie chart that breaks down all the opportunities by categories.

I was thinking Tags are the solution since multi-select fields aren’t supported in Reports. But now I am finding Tags aren’t very well supported either (at least that I can figure out). I suppose I could do checkbox fields but that seems pretty messy, and I’m not sure those will give me the reports I am after either.

Anybody have some good advice for me on this one? @Michelle from Copper?




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