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  • 4 February 2023
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Hi, could someone advise how I can re-organise the order in which stages are showing on my report? It’s showing it out of order.


I have seen a previous discussion similar to my inquiry, and I have already changed the ‘View by’ to display Opp Stage as ‘Opp stage rank’ but that just assigns numbers to the stages in the order in which they appear on the report- not in the actual stage.


Screenshot below for reference- the order in the actual pipeline is ‘Inquiry, Qualification, Scheduling, Scheduled, Follow-up, Proposal/Quote, Contract’. 

Please can someone advise on how I can solve this? Thank you!


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 13 February 2023, 15:17

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6 replies

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Hi @patrycjad, thanks for posting! It should show up in the same order as your pipeline, so I’m going to get some input from my colleague. Have you ever changed the order of the stages, either recently or in the past?

Hello @Michelle from Copper, thank you for your response! No, we haven’t changed the order per se, but we have added new stages. Could you advise how to get this fixed? Thank you for your support :)

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@patrycjad gotcha, thank you for the added context. I’ve looked at the internal “rank” for each stage in your pipeline, and they match up with how the stages are supposed to be ordered. So that is a bit strange, because the system should therefore know the correct order already. Let me dig in a little bit more, and I’ll have either an answer for you or I’ll connect you with our technical team for deeper troubleshooting.

@Michelle from Copper Hi Michelle, thanks for this. Do you have any updates or a contact I could contact regarding this please? Many thanks for your continued support

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Hi @patrycjad, I found that the issue you are experiencing is a bug in our system. I’ve added your account to the engineers’ bug report, and I’ll also create a ticket for you so that our technical support team can keep you updated on it. You’ll get an email from our system about that. Since this is a bug, that’s as much as I can help you with this particular issue. But if you have further questions about, you can get in touch with our technical support team through the ticket you’ll receive in your email.

@Michelle from Copper  Is this still a known bug? I’m having the same issue and would love to have it resolved ASAP. We’re using the Days in Stage insights and it’s really difficult to view them out of order