report sharing: users are not in list

  • 26 April 2022
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The support chat from copper has vanished, so i’ll ask this here.


I don’t really understand the ‘legacy vs new’ reports, but… in ‘new reports’, none of the users can see them. Only the admin. Even the menu item is missing on the left edge.

I click on the ‘share’ icon on a report, but only the admin user (plus some etl account @ gooddata) is present.

so… how can my team use this feature?  are reports only for the admin?

Also, the performance is just awful on these new reports. Is there any improvement on the horizon? its quite hard to use a web interface that takes so long to load when you click.


3 replies

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Hi @donbowman! About the chat icon - has it vanished from all of the Copper web app or just when you access Reports?

You’re correct that only admins can access the new Reports. If you need to share with your team, you can set up a scheduled email or export to them. We currently have an open Idea for sharing access with non-admins - feel free to upvote that thread to be tagged in any updates.

As fo the difference between this version and Legacy Reports - the new Reports is much more customizable. You can include things like custom fields and calculated fields. And you can generate tables and graphs from scratch and add them to a Dashboard for a full view. Legacy reports is much simpler, with pre-made graphs that you can’t export or customize.

As for general performance - I’ll pass your feedback over to the product team.

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Chat icon is generically gone everywhere as far as i can see.


Seems the new reports are not ready to use yet then? There’s not much point in emailing pdf (no drill down, not live in interface), i would say datastudio is a much more usable approach then since it has better performance, is live, is sharable, and is more full featured.


what is the rationale behind making this unusable by the sales leadership team and generic sales team? e.g. why is is walled off entirely? the ‘legacy’ reports are not.

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i’ve given up here and ETL’d this to BigQuery so we can use the data.