Opp Win rate calculation

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi, I would like to understand how the Opp Win rate % and Opp Value Win rate % are calculated.

Thank you.

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Hi @Stephanie! I can help with this, but can I first confirm that you are looking at the “Sales Won Performance” template?

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Hi Michelle, yes exactly

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Great, thanks for confirming @Stephanie! Please see below.


Opp Win Rate % = (# opps marked as Won) / (total # of all opps of any status)

For example, let’s say I have created 100 opps total in my Copper system. Some of them are Open, some are Lost, etc - but 15 of those opps have been marked as Won, so my Opp Win Rate % is 15%.


Opp Value Win Rate % = (total value of opps marked as Won) / (total value of all opps of any status)

For example, let’s say the total Value of all the 100 opps I have is $100,000. But the opps I have marked as Won are worth a total of $25,000. This means I “won” 25% of the dollar value of all my opportunities.


Let me know if that helps!

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your quick reply. 

So If I look at these rates within a specific period (lets say “Last month”), 

Opp Win Rate % = (# opps marked as Won in the last month) / (total # of all opps of any status created in the last month)?