How can I accurately report on volume of leads, lead sources, considering leads converted to people?

  • 27 October 2022
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What is the best practice report for a view for our Marketing lead into the volume of leads over a period, and the source of leads? 


It appears to me the insights builder offers a view into leads left disqualified/unqualified/working/new. 

These leads are lost from our lead reports once they become qualified People with Opportunities. 


2 replies

Hi Mizidi,

Thank you for posting! 

I have included a screenshot below for a report I built in the Insights Builder that tracks Lead Name, Lead Source, Lead Converted (True or False - not yet converted), and Date where I grouped the Lead Converted Date per month.

To build this report,  you could go to your Reports > Insights Builder and drag the fields I listed earlier into the Rows section. This will give you a full list of the items you’re looking for. You ca also drag one of the fields to the top to Filter incase you wanted to only pull up leads that have not yet been converted or ones that were converted at a specific time.


I hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply Mary! 


Am I reading correctly this is a list of Leads that have been converted?

If yes, how can I use this to deliver a single view of all Leads entered into Copper in a particular time period?


To state my ideal information outcome another way, I am desperately trying to learn how to deliver:


Count of all Leads created in Q3, including New, Working, Disqualified, and converted 


How can we build this critical insight?


Thanks for your expertise!