Forecast by Month and Opportunity Report Template

  • 17 March 2023
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Hi, is there a template for report like this, or a tutorial that would help me build it? Thanks


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Hi @triches , thank you for reaching out to the Copper Community! This insight can be generated in Copper Reports. I’ve included a screenshot of the setup below. 

In order to build this insight, please ensure the following fields are all filled in for your opportunities:

  1. Value
  2. Closed Date (Input expected close date for forecasting current opportunities)
  3. Opportunity Name

Insight Setup:

Metrics: Opp Value

Rows: Opp Name

Column: Date → Date as: Opp Closed At → group by: Month


Here are additional reporting resources to help you get started in Reports:

Reports in Copper: an introduction

Reports: Creating a custom insight

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Thanks @Chris from Copper really helpful. Is it possible to get the Total for the month at the bottom of each column as well? 


I’ll check out the additional tutorials.